Welcome to SPN Lazer, where dedication meets craftsmanship. Led by the dynamic duo, Jeremy and Karen, and accompanied by the ever-enthusiastic Tobious Green, this venture thrives on passion and innovation. Nestled in the picturesque Saipan, SPN Lazer was conceived with a vision to deliver custom-made creations that resonate with authenticity and quality.


The Heart of SPN Lazer: Our 100w CO2 Laser

Central to the SPN Lazer experience is the state-of-the-art 100w CO2 laser. More than just a machine, it's the embodiment of precision and creativity. With its unparalleled capabilities, raw materials are transformed into intricate masterpieces, seamlessly blending imagination with craftsmanship.


A Journey Born from Change

In 2023, during the unprecedented times of the COVID era, SPN Lazer emerged as a beacon of resilience and creativity. The mission was clear: to offer a platform for bespoke, locally crafted goods, setting a new standard in Saipan's artisanal landscape.


Reviving Craftsmanship in a Consumer-driven World

In an age where mass-produced goods dominate the market, SPN Lazer remains steadfast in its commitment to craftsmanship and woodworking excellence. Each product is a testament to tradition, bearing a personal touch, and crafted to stand the test of time. The vision? To revive the art of meticulous craftsmanship and reintroduce authenticity into the world of consumerism.


Championing American Manufacturing and Values

SPN Lazer's dedication extends beyond its products. It's a celebration of American manufacturing and values, a tribute to the rights and freedoms that define the nation. By intertwining culture, creativity, and craftsmanship, SPN Lazer aspires to create meaningful connections and foster a sense of national pride.


Crafting Connections, Building Community

At its core, SPN Lazer is more than a business; it's a community. Dedicated to reintroducing woodworking to the CNMI, SPN Lazer proudly promotes "Made in the Northern Marianas Islands, USA" goods, bridging local traditions with global aspirations. Through collaboration and innovation, SPN Lazer is shaping a future where craftsmanship and quality resonate on a global scale.


A Vision Beyond the Pacific

While firmly rooted in Saipan, SPN Lazer's vision transcends geographical boundaries. The aspiration? To share locally crafted treasures with the world, reinforcing the importance of artisanal excellence and setting new benchmarks in the industry.


Embracing Life's Potential

SPN Lazer embodies the spirit of living life to the fullest, embracing opportunities, and creating with passion and purpose. By honoring traditions, valuing craftsmanship, and fostering innovation, SPN Lazer is committed to making a lasting impact, not just in Saipan but across borders.


Join us on this exciting journey. Together, let's celebrate the art of craftsmanship, uphold the values of American manufacturing, and shape a future where quality, authenticity, and innovation reign supreme.